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"Solving Simple Stochastic Games with few Random Nodes faster using Bland's Rule",
David Auger, Pierre Coucheney and Yann Strozecki, STACS 2019.
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"Incremental delay enumeration: Space and time",
Florent Capelli, Yann Strozecki, Discrete Applied Mathematics 2018.
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"Deterministic Scheduling of Periodic Messages for Cloud RAN",
Dominique Barth, Maël Guiraud, Brice Leclerc, Olivier Marce, Yann Strozecki, ICT 2018.
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"Efficient enumeration of solutions produced by closure operations",
Arnaud Mary, Yann Strozecki, STACS 2016
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"Efficient Generation of Stable Planar Cages for Chemistry",
Dominique Barth, Olivier David, Franck Quessette, Vincent Reinhard, Yann Strozecki, Sandrine Vial, SEA 2015
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"Finding Optimal Strategies of Almost Acyclic Simple Stochatic Games",
David Auger, Pierre Coucheney, Yann Strozecki, TAMC 2014
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"Factoring bivariate lacunary polynomials without heights",
Chattopadhyay, Arkadev and Grenet, Bruno and Koiran, Pascal and Portier, Natacha and Strozecki, Yann. ISSAC 2013.
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"On enumerating monomials and other combinatorial structures by polynomial interpolation",
Yann Strozecki. Theory of Computing Systems, 2013.
An extended version of the MFCS paper on enumeration and interpolation.
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"Approximate verification and enumeration problems",
Sylvain Peyronnet, Michel de Rougemont and Yann Strozecki. ICTAC, 2012.
Some additions and corrections to mistakes in the article can be found in the presentation.
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"Patch Reprojections for Non Local Methods",
Joseph Salmon and Yann Strozecki. Signal Processing, 2012.
An improved and extended version of the ICIP paper.
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"The Limited Power of Powering: Polynomial Identity Testing and a Depth-four Lower Bound for the Permanent",
Bruno Grenet, Pascal Koiran, Natacha Portier and Yann Strozecki. FSTTCS, 2011.
See the arXiv version for some additional proofs.
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"Enumeration Complexity of logical query problems with second order variables",
Arnaud Durand and Yann Strozecki. CSL, 2011.
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"Monadic second-order model-checking on decomposable matroids",
Yann Strozecki. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2011.
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"On the complexity of two acyclic subhypergraphs problems",
David Duris and Yann Strozecki. WALCOM, 2011.
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"From Patches to Pixels in Non-Local methods: Weighted-Average Reprojection"

Joseph Salmon and Yann Strozecki. ICIP, 2010.
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"Enumeration of the monomials of a polynomial and related complexity classes",
Yann Strozecki. MFCS, 2010.
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"Enumeration complexity and matroid decomposition",
Yann Strozecki. Phd Thesis, 2010.
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"Algorithmes holographiques",
Yann Strozecki. Master Thesis, 2007.
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