En Bref

My research deals with the resolution of combinatorial optimization problems by designing generic software for a sequential and parallel environments.


  • Phd supervisor of
    • Yann Hermans (2010-) on Energy optimization, but specially in the context of Vehicle to Grid
    • Tarek Menouer (2011-) on parallelization of Constraint programming methods or parallelization of SAT solvers for the Pajero Project.
  • I was second for the 2012 competition of Federation Francaise de Jeux Mathématique (join work with Thierry Mautor and Franck Quessette).
  • I was one of the referee for the "Prix Robert Faure" in 2009


  • Energy optimization Vehicle2grid (V2G)
  • Crew Scheduling : in the context of the ANR HORUS project
  • Q3AP : 3D Quadratic Assignment Problem
  • QAP : Quadratic Assignment Problem
  • 2DCSP : the 2D Cutting Stock problems
  • CVRP-TW : the Vehicule routing with Time Window and capacited constraint. The originality of this work was the Heterogeneous Fleet


  • Linear programming, try to also adress non linear programming
  • Branch and Bound/Price/Cut
  • Metaheuristics : VNS, Grasp, Tabu, etc...
  • Dynamic programming
  • Contraint programming (only for parallelism).



To complete my research, i study the design of software components for all of them. And I have to say, that this interest is quite difficult to achieve. First, it is difficult to publish some papers about what is considered as "Engineering". Second, i lost many of my times on the developement of software components. I try to "industrialize" them and not just to obtain quick and dirty prototype.

The main software, I develop, is Bobpp (aka Bobo or Bob++). The official site of Bobpp is in the PRiSM forge. This site propose the Bobpp online documentation.