Brief Presentation

Assistant Professor in the Paris-Ouest-Nanterre-La défense University

Associate researcher in the CaRO team head by Alain Bui of the PRiSM Laboratory of the Versailles-St-Quentin University.

  • [2005-] : Responsable of the third year of the Licence MMIA, (MIAGE)
  • [1996-2008] : Elected Member of the Specialist commission
  • [1997-2001] et [2006-2008] : Elected Member of the Scientific Concil of the university of Paris10-Nanterre


I teach different topics.

  • Algo/Programming C, C++, Java, Pascal
  • Graph Algo
  • Operating System
  • Initiation on Networks
  • Operational Research
  • Office Pack
  • Databases



Associated researcher in the CARO head by Alain Bui (past team Opale head by Catherine Roucairol).

Topics of Research

Exact resolution of Combinatorial Optimization problems in parallel and in sequential.

  • Combinatorial Optimization problems
    • Energy optimization using the Vehicle2Grid concept.
    • Crew scheduling and rostering
    • 3D Quadratic assignement problem (Q3AP)
    • Quadratic assignement problem (QAP)
    • 2D Guilltin Cutting stock (2D-CSP)
    • Vehicle Routing problem (VRP)
  • Resolution Methods
    • Branch and Bound
    • Branch and Cut
    • Dynamic Programming
  • Parallel Environment
    • Multicore/Multithreading
    • Message passing
    • High Level parallel programming
    • Grid Computing
  • Software to easily develop Parallel Branch and Bound
    • Bob : C library
    • Bob++ : C++ library